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The Art of Style

The Art of Style


It's Not Just Fashion...It's a Way of Life


The Travis Cal Experience is our commitment to you to deliver our best.  We understand the transformational power of fashion and our goal is to create a signature style that expresses your personality, and gives you the confidence to live freely in the moment

This personalized service begins with an intimate one-on-one consultation with Travis to determine your needs and preferences as well as your ultimate vision of the optimal end result. After careful calculation of present wardrobe elements, event and lifestyle requirements, personal style evolution, body type and personality, seasonal considerations, schedule and budgetary parameters, Travis designs, executes, and manages an exclusive personal styling plan that never loses sight of your big picture.

As your experience unfolds, the process of shopping undergoes a shift from pressured to pampered, private, and purposeful. Exhilarating new style possibilities unfurl, expand, and evolve.  Your vision of self -- within and without -- is gracefully transformed.



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