Corporate Event Planning


 Travis Cal Events are experts at transforming unexpected spaces into masterpieces of design and transforming uninspired productions into experiential programs that are appropriate for each event’s audience and each client’s mission.  We work with an excellent network of vendors that deliver their services with professionalism, attention to detail, and the creative ability and customer services skills to respond to event and client needs as they arise.  We partner with our vendors from the beginning to ensure we set practical expectations in our designs, and strive to achieve complete client satisfaction with our delivery.


 Complementing our design and production abilities, our team has a strong background in client relations and project management.  We operate with impeccable organization and attention to detail; effective communication and time management are keys to our success.  We are dedicated to always maintaining a positive working relationship with our clients, making your concerns our concerns, and always managing then event production in a sophisticated and professional manner.