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Confidence is key!  It's the first thing I notice when deciding to work with a new model.  Do You walk into a room and own it?  Do you own your body, flaws and all?  Are you ready for the big stage but just need the right opportunity!  If you answered yes to all these questions, you are ready to start your journey as a Travis Cal Styles Model.

Who am I looking for?
I am seeking male and female models of all sizes.

What age are my models?
I am currently open to working with models age 14+.

Do my models need prior modeling experience?
No prior modeling experience is needed.  Just a willingness to push beyond what you know and learn/experience something new.

What do you look for when casting a model?
I look for models who have a presence.  When they enter the room, there is a spark that makes me want to see them.  That spark is confidence.  So no matter your size, age, gender, or ethnicity, everyone has an opportunity to work with me, you just need the confidence to own your look!

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