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Travis Cal Styles Project Prom 2k18 is dedicated to offering one-of-a-kind, beautifully constructed, jaw-dropping prom gown designs. Each of our designs is created in-house by Travis Cal and his team of talented master designers and seamstress.

You deserve a one-of-a-kind prom experience, and this experience begins with your custom gown. Travis Cal will collaborate with you to create the prom gown of your dreams around your exact measurements, helping  choose the right colors and fabrics to meet both your vision and your budget. Do you live outside of the Houston area? Many of our clients do. Contact us to learn about our virtual design process.

The Travis Cal Styles Design Process

The journey begins with a design consultation. During the consultation, we talk about the important details such as the colors and theme, but then we dig a little deeper to learn about your personality and create an understanding of your vision.

  • What clothing are you comfortable wearing?
  • What details do you find flattering to your body type?
  • Do you have a preferred silhouette?
  • How can we accentuate your assets?

We encourage you to bring anything that will help convey your dream prom gown. Only after we have settled on a comfortable concept do we begin talking about dress specifics such as fabrics, train length and etc.

Note: You might find it very helpful to try on dresses before the consultation, in order to really understand your own likes and dislikes. We can then use those experiences to create a snapshot of your perfect dress, adding the special touches and details that will truly make it your own. 

Travis Cal Styles Prom Gown Pricing

Once the design of your custom wedding gown is finalized, which may take more than one consultation, we provide you with an initial price based on a few factors such as construction time, materials, fittings (usually at least 2), and alterations. In general, custom prom gowns begin at $450 for construction plus your fabric cost.

Depending on your deadline, a deposit of 50-70% will be required. A custom prom gown normally takes 6-8 weeks to create. For an additional fee, we can have the dress completed in less time. Changes to the design will result in an additional charges.  Once constuction begins, changes requested after the first fitting will result in additional charges, therefore we encourage you to give us honest feedback during the Consultation & Design phase.

The beauty of having a custom made prom gown is that I can easily make any adjustments you want to see throughout the construction phase and ensure your gown is perfect. Contact us for more information about Travis Cal Styles or to schedule a consultation.



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